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Kai and Anla discuss Toys "R" Us memories in the wake of the news of the company's closure. Anla had previously worked there, and Kai had been there a lot, if that counts. We also get into Star Wars toys, the game market in the 80s and 90s, and that Toys "R" Us meant at the time.

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Episode 29: I'm a Toys "R" Us Kid!

The TechnoFunkBoy

Soundtrack of the week!!!!

Soundtrack of the week is one I ran across after watching some SimTower videos and getting nostalgic for the ol' SimCity series in general. This collection seems to be jazz remixes of SimCity 2000 and SimCity SNES tracks. I'm especially fond of the SNES soundtrack - very smooth and relaxing, so I'm enjoying this album quite a bit! You can get it right here.

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Guests and callers for this episode!


Rangel is our "real world" reporter. Today he is being sent out to discuss the major retail chain closure that just hit the news, but Rangel's news sources may be a little off.

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