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Oh, boy! Today is the day we finally start talking about everyone's favorite retro podcast topic - Earthbound! But we didn't want to do it like everyone else does, so we decided to discuss the amazing soundtrack of the game - one tune at a time. This week it is "Battle Against a Weak Opponent," and it is amazingly deep for such a short song. The sheet music for it is here.

We also chat about Kai's quest to become a Final Fantasy IV speedrunner and how he is doing so far. Spoilers: not as bad as expected!

Listen to the episode here!

Episode 24: You Engage the Spiteful Crow! (Earthbound)

The TechnoFunkBoy

Soundtrack of the week!!!!

Earthbound music is actually pretty hard to find, and a little expensive, but if you are enjoying Hip Tanaka's style, check out his new album (under the name Chip Tanaka) that he released last year. Same great electronica and dance vibes, so check it out right here.

Guests and callers for this episode!


Red is an music student who calls the learn more about the music of Earthbound. This is her first time calling the program, and you can learn more about her on our Characters page!

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