Kai tries to explain speedrunning to Steven in preparation for the upcoming Awesome Games Done Quick event in January. To do that, we try to explain what speedrunning is and some of the terms you will hear as you watch. A couple of notes:

1) I realized later that the TAS Block from a previous GDQ was streaming Skype and not Twitch.

2) In listening while editing, I noticed Steven calling Link "Zelda," attempting to troll me. I didn't even hear him when he said it, and now it sounds like he's just an idiot. Sorry about that!

And for your viewing pleasure, three speedrun videos to whet your appetite for AGDQ:

The Retro Zoo Super Show!

Also, this is the TAS event we mentioned:

Check out the YouTube version of the episode!

Episode 14: Speedrunning 101

The TechnoFunkBoy

You know how we love our callers!

Guests and callers for this episode!

Rangel Robertson

Rangel also joined us in Episode 2. Learn more about him at our Characters page!

Rangel is our reporter in the field who reports back on events and happenings in the real world.



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