In this episode, Kai and Steven discuss the mid-90s interactive movie phenomenon Phantasmagoria! We discuss the controversy surrounding the game, creator Roberta Williams' response, and our own thoughts about the violence and sexual content of the game.

Next, we talk with the last member of the Belmont clan about his preparations for a potential Dracula return.

NOTE: The YouTube version has some bad timing issues with the background music in the second half of the soundtrack, but the podcast versions have been corrected.

The TechnoFunkBoy

The Retro Zoo Super Show!

Check out the YouTube version of the episode!

Episode 10: The Last Belmont (Phantasmagoria)

You know how we love our callers!

Guests and callers for this episode!

Ryland is the last living member of the Belmont Clan, and he is going to chat with us about what it would mean if Dracula returns today.

Stephan Stephens

Stephan is one of our reporters, and he is reporting in from the site of a multiple murder!

Ryland Belmont

This is Stephan's appearance on the show. Learn more about him at our Characters page!

This is Ryland's appearance on the show. Learn more about him at our Characters page!



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