The Retro Zoo Super Show!

We introduce ourselves, as is appropriate in a first episode, and explain somewhat how two NES characters arrived in your podcast feed.  Kai and Stephen discuss their first encounters with games and why they like retro games.

Music from the episode:

 “Prelude” by the TechnoFunkBoy (that's us!) from their album The Final Fantasy Mixes.

Check out the YouTube version of the episode!

Episode 1: The Casting of Pods

The TechnoFunkBoy

You know how we love our callers!

Guests and callers for this episode!


Jake wants to talk with us about the cow level in Diablo.

This is Jake's first appearance on the show. Learn more about him at our Characters page!

Robert Higgins

Robert is very concerned that we are encouraging kids to play video games rather than feed the hogs.

This is Robert's first appearance on the show. Learn more about him at our Characters page!



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